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Social activities

The DrupalCamp is not only about the conference, the sessions and the workshops. After all, you come to Drupal for the code and stay for the community. And to promote the community, we are organizing other activities:

On Thursday: around 4pm we will be enjoying the sun of Valencia in the beach. This will be the meeting point. If you arrive late and can't find us, send us a tweet to @drupalcampspain! After the beach, around 7pm, we will leave the beach to the city center and we will do some tourism. The meeting point will be the Serrano Towers at 7:30pm. On our way, we will try some valencian delights and we will find some place to have dinner. At night we will hit the bars, but not for too long, as the Friday the event DrupalCamp will start.

On Friday, after the trainings, Business day and Sprints, we will have the Talent Show! Probe that you have more skills than Drupal!

During Saturday night, we will be hosting our traditional DrupalCamp Party starting at 9pm, dinner included. This year will be in L'Umbracle, one of the most exclusive locations:

And Sunday afternoon we will do something else, but is not decided yet. Any suggestion?

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