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Sponsor packages

The DrupalCamp is possible thanks to the contribution of the sponsors. Without them, the event will never will be what it is. If your company is interested in sponsoring the event, here you can find the sponsor packages we are offering. If you are interested in colaborating with us in any other way, don't hesitate to use the contact form with your proposals.

  Gold Silver Bronze Individual
Price 2500 1000 500 100
General signage Yes Yes Yes No
Web presence Highlighted (always appears) Yes Yes Yes
Badge Highlighted Yes Yes Yes
Stand Exclusive Shared No  
Ticket 5 Drupalcamp, 2 Business Day 2 Drupalcamp, 1 Business Day 1 Drupalcamp 1 Drupalcamp
Special session 1 Drupalcamp, 1 Business day 1 Business day shared (5 minutes) No  
Room name Yes No No  
Sponsors limit 4 10 No No
Welcome pack Si Si No No
Social mention 2 mentions on each network with logo and link 2 mentions on each network, including link 1 mention on each network, including link  
Training tickets 2 tickets No No No
Job Speed Dating (offering jobs) Si Si No No
Business 2 Business speed dating Si No No No
Video presence Si No No  

Other sponsorships

  • Friday's wine of honor (Business day) - 1500 €
  • Friday's party or Saturday's party 2500 €
  • Coffees (2 packages available) - 500 €
  • Lunch - 5000 €
  • Sprints - 300 €