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Speakers guideline

How to propose a session?

Any person can propose a session to the event, later they will be chosen by a committee. The date limit to propose a session is the Monday 21 of April and the sessions will be announced the 1st of May. To boost the chances of your session, here are some tips you should consider:


  • The time limit for a session is 45 minutes, including questions.
  • The general rule is 30 minutes for session plus 15 more for questions.
  • In the room will be a volunteer controlling the times..
  • Is advisable to be a bit before the starting time to be able to start on time.


This event is organized by a nonprofit association, for that reason, we can't afford paying the speakers. As a gift, their ticket will be free for them.


  • Talking in this event is an excellent way to let you know to lots of companies and professionals from the sector.
  • All the sessions will be recorded and will be publicly available in theAssociation Vimeo channel.

What will be assessed?

  • The topic must be about Drupal or stuff related with the web development world. Talks about frontend, working methodologies, testing, related technologies...
  • The more complete is the proposal form, the more chances it will have. Tagging correctly the session will help atract the correct audience.
  • The summary of the session must explain clearly the content of it.
  • If you are going to talk about your product or your services, define it in the description. This session can be accepted, but we don't want sessions dressed as technical sessions when they are commercial.
  • This event is not only for developers. We want to cover all the spectrum that involves web development. Sessions about business, frontend, Devops, management are welcome and necessary to enrich the community.
  • We want to bring an international audience, so sessions considered as medium or high level will have more chances to be chosen if they are in English.


Although the event accepts sessions of any topic, we would like to maximize certain topics:

  • Drupal 8.
  • Frontend: with Drupal 8 we have a better separation between frontend and backend, making it more easy to use more trendy technologies that can enrich our projects.
  • This year we would like to emphasize the business presence. For that reason, we have a full day on Friday about it. Although we don't want to finish it there, during the rest of the weekend, we would like to have more sessions that continue with the topic.
How can I do my session more attractive?

Time control

  • Is important to practice your session before doing it for the first time to know how much time will it need.
  • Consider that the attendees will have questions, don't spend all the time with your talk and give some time for the Q&A.
  • Is better to go slowly and cover less that fast and trying to say everything. If you go fast, the attendees will miss the most part of it.

Slides style

The rooms can be big and with lots of seats, remember that your presentation should be easily readable from the last row. Try to stand up two meters away of your screen, if you can read it easily, the font size is correct. As a trick, try to don't put more than eight lines on each slide with a maximum of 30 characters. Use a font size of 28 ore more and add a generous line spacing.

Use only a few words bug with big significance, then your slides will be easy to read and understand. Remember that the audience is listening to you and the slides are there only as a support. Simplify as much as possible, try to don't use effects and add only what is really necessary. If the content is complex, divide it in sections, try to extend or shorten your session in certain topics.

Avoid the use of CAPITAL LETTERS. The capital letters are harder to read and occupy more space in the screen. Use bold and italic to emphasize the sentences. Using underscores is not recommended.

Here is a slide base you can use.

Here you can find other tips