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How to get there

There are several ways to move around Valencia. The DrupalCamp venue will be Centro Cultural Bancaja and it is in the city center. Here is a list of transport methods you can use:

  • Tram: Valencia has two tram lines that go to the beach. Unfortunately, none of those is near the venue, but you can always combine it with the metro.
  • Metro: The city has a wide Metro network. The two nearest stations are Alameda or Colón, they are around 5 minutes away of the venue. The tram and the metro use the same ticket.
  • Bus: There are several bus lines that stop just in the main entrance of the venue. Lines 6, 8, 9, 11, 16, 26, 28, 31, 70 o 71 will work for you..
  • Bike: Thanks to the complete absence of slopes, the city is the perfect to move around the city. If you are coming from outsite, that's not an excuse, you can get a weekly ticket from the rental public service jor just 13 €, Valenbisi.
  • Car: Although the city centre of Valencia is not the easiest place to park, there is a parking in the same square where the venue is.

If you arrive by plane, in the airport itself there is a metro station of the line 3 and that's a direct line to the venue.

If you arrive by train to the North Station, in the main entrance you will find a metro station of the line 3, but you can just have a 15 minutes walk to the DrupalCamp. If you get here using the AVE (high speed train), you will arrive to the Joaquín Soroya station, there you can take a free bus to the Nort station or walk five minutes until there. Using the 3 or 5 metro line you will be in just one station.

Caution! If you are using the Metro or tram, the first ticket you buy will be more expensive, because you have to use it to refill it when it's over. So, don't lose it or you will have to buy it again. If you arrive to the airport, the fastest and cheapest solution is to buy single airport tickets that use a special airport fare and then, refill it with a 10 travels ticket of the A zone (you will probably not leave that zone). And if yuo can, share it with another drupalero!

  • Centro Cultural Bancaja
  • Plaza de Tetuán 23
  • 46003
  • Valencia

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