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Agile Culture and Organization in a Digital Consultant Company

Biko has taken the agile way very seriously as a strategy oriented to gain competitiveness and attract talent. For the past 5 years we have been constantly implementing changes in the way the company is organized, we deliver value to our clients and our technical teams work. We are prioritizing the agile principles: invididuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration and response to changes. In order to achive our goals we have eliminated the middle management in the company, we have created a structure based on multidisciplinary teams with their specific economic and technical goals, we are sharing knowledge with open spaces and online practice communities, we are using agile metrics in order to evaluate the work displayed by the teams, we have made all commercial and financial information about the company public and we have created a committee called "La Tripulación" formed by voluntary and rotatory members that is in charge of helping the CEO take the strategic decisions of the company. During this session, I will reviews and show how we are dealing with the main issues related to this business model. The session will be held in english or spanish. 

You can watch the video of this talk here

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