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Drupal Community tools.

This session will give you an idea about the basic tools that the Drupal community uses to tackle problems together. We’ll start with a hands-on look at our community's communication tools, starting with the issue queue and IRC. Then we’ll dive into getting a local development environment set up on your laptop (a web server with Drupal 8 running). We'll finish by installing Git and going over the basics of what Git is and why we use it. Once you have these tools in place, you’ll be ready to jump in and start helping make Drupal better.  


Is especially useful for people interested in participating in core mentoring or other similar "Get Involved with Core" sprints. You will leave with the list of tools necessary to get started with your first Drupal contributions.


This session is intended for people who have worked with a Drupal site before, but are less familiar with the tools our community uses or how to get them set up. You don’t have to be a coder in order to benefit from these tools or contribute to Drupal. Everyone can get involved in the many aspects of Drupal Core Contribution, including documentation, UX, design, testing, and development—once you know where and how the community works together.  

A basic understanding of Drupal, and simple Drupal site administration tasks is assumed.

We will use some resources from mostly to point at detailed information about how to setup your tools.

This session is a summarized version of a workshop so if there's interest later more detail can be given in the coder's lounge for the sprints.



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